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Unspoken Story

Peace be upon you peeps. Currently, I am at home. Oh yes, if I were not home, where else would I be? That's a good a question. Sooner or later y'all will know. It's just the matter of time. I know I barely show up here due to my busy schedule. Busy? What do I do actually?Hahahahaha. Okay let's begin.

I finished high school in 2014 with satisfactory but Alhamdulillah, I made it to matriculation level. I was offered for Science stream, module 1 which means, the subjects are compressed of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. However, in reference to my SPM results, I don't think I can pursue with science, and I literally had this feeling where  I would not get the best results out of it. Therefore, I thought of changing my route, to switch my majoring to accountancy. Let me tell you something, back in high school, I was so proud that I never wanted to know what accountancy is all about. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, see what's happening now? LOL Serve you right. *BTW…
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Rassy is back for good!

As salam and hola earthlings. Hell yea, It's me...Rassy. Been wondering where have I been for so long? I know it sounds corny, but I have lotsa things to share with you guys. The previous post was about 2 years ago? Let it be. Within that 2 years, many things had happened to me. Both good and bad things. Don't mean to brag or sigh about them though, but I just feel like sharing. 
Honestly, I don't know where to start. Can you imagine? 2 years man... A baby could have walked gracefully and eat solid food already... How fast the time flies..  I will make sure this post is going to be meaningful to y'all since I left no updates at all. But if you know any of my social medias, you would know that I am still alive. LOL. 

2014 was my last year in secondary school.. or you could say that I was in my senior year. There wasn't so much to say, except that I got so flustered by the time I got my SPM results. I was kinda brain dead since I had this kinda thought that with the on…


As salam and hola earthlings! Guess what? My last post was in 2014! Dang, that was about 2 years ago. Within that time, a lot of things had happened. How did I end up here? I dropped my hand phone earlier in front of the A&W restaurant before meeting Atira. It was raining heavily. As I was shifting my position to get outta the car, *poofs*. I is sad, hahahaha. I saw the regret on his face when I told Atok my phone was no longer working, He was like, if you really need a new one, we should buy it now. *troll face* I do need it. The only way to avoid the awkward moments in public yea? BUUUUT its okay. Why not I try to live without phone for the time being? Probably I can do something better
? I have a lot of things to share since I left this space for a quite long time. The laughter, tears, hatred and the mixed feelings, the spices of life, I'm not trying to be cliche' here but the ups and downs in my life has just started. I gotta be prepared with the circumstances and I…

My Hero

As salam and hola earthlings. I'm fine , alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah. I'm now officially a librarian. Georgian librarian. Feeling so tired today. A hectic day to be precise but it was fun. D' Georgian Bookcafe was launched and everything went well as planned. Thanks to teachers who helped us a lot to set everything up right on time.

Piling homework as usual. Typical Monday. *pffttt*. It's ok CNY is around the corner, if ya know what I mean ;).

My Hero. My grandpa. My only atok. I don't know somehow today it just *pooof* came across my mind to talk about my grandpa. When I was a child, all I knew was my grandparents. Grandpa sent me to school everyday at 6.30 in the morning and until today, he is the one who send and fetch me from school. He thought me to ride the bicycle. He sent me to the religion class. I still remember how naughty I was when I was pretending that I was sick because I refuse to go to the religion class. He knew that I was bluffing. xD So …

2013 is leaving soon

I'm a supercat! Let's fly!
As salam and hola earthlings. What a surprise! I thought this blog was deactivated automatically since I abandoned the whole thing for ages! Well, I'm really sorry readers and followers, I was quite busy with some stuffs ( the same reason over and over again xD) since a few years ago. We are almost there at the end of 2013 and I'm argued with myself of what I've been doing since the first year of 2013. Hahahahhaha. So, speaking about 2013, I've battled with so many things as a teenager. 4 Alauddin was awesome. I had fun. We had fun. I now understand what's the meaning of life because you know, people enter your life to either make you happy or the opposite. People will never get enough of what they have. That's why we call 'em human being hehehhehe. Sometimes, Allah never grant you what you've been asking for because good things will come after you and somehow you never realised that is what you really need in your li…

July ..

As salam earthlings. I'm back after a couple of months been disappeared. I'm actually feeling down these few days. I don't like to be ignored coz I hate to be alone. I love my friends, I really do. I try my best not to make them hurt with my attitude and of course I always concerned about them.

Amy, why didn't you reply my message on facebook? Are you upset because I rarely text you thru phone? Amy, I'm very sorry if I can't be a good friend to you but I just wanna let you know that I love you and this will lasts forever. I can still remember the moment when you left KGV, I can't even hold back my tears when you walked away. Amy, I miss you all the time. KGV reminds me of those good days with you. Please don't ignore me. I can still remember when we used to laugh together and you love to make fun of me. The moment when we walked on the stairs together side by side and you giggled. When we were in form 2, you taught me Maths cuz I said I hate the subjec…



As salam and hola earthlings! I'm here after a couple of months been disappeared. Mid year exam was over. Alhamdulillah. Yet during this semester break I'll be very busy with some stuffs and that makes me unable to be around. I've been so upset with a friend I mean a best friend of mine. We were very closed, always laugh, make stupid jokes which those thing really made my day. I assume that they are the cure to my broken-heart when Amy left. I was happy for at least even though Amy was the only friend who really concerned to make me laugh once before. But then, I have him.

But I had never expected this to happen. He has changed ; 360 degree. I'm not gonna tell how I feel when he started to be on his own and somehow I think he is not him. I wonder what made him to turn out so different than he used to be. Where did I go wrong? Or he's bored of me since, umm just to let you know I'm a kind of annoying, childish, sensitive; the negatives are way appe…